Agile Leadership Development

challenges your leaders to change the way that they think so that your teams can change the world.

Leaders today are making decisions in increasingly fast moving and ambiguous domains. Robust leadership teams with an appreciation of complexity are critical. Agile Leadership Development enables Business Agility, the heartbeat of 21st century organisations.

Our Approach

We use a range of tools to help leaders to understand and navigate complexity:

  • Cynefin Framework and Sensemaking techniques
  • The Leadership Circle
  • The Leadership Maturity Framework
  • GameChanger Index
  • Agile Fluency Model
  • Mindfulness Facilitation
  • Growth Mindset
  • Management 3.0

Agile Leadership Coaching

Experience has taught us that trying to shoehorn egalitarian frameworks into authoritarian cultures is doomed to fail. We work with your leaders to help them recognise their reactive tendencies and harness that power for truly positive change.

Leadership Development Case Studies

We have designed and facilitated Agile Leadership Development Programs in some Global and Regional brands. We help our customers to build enviable cultures that attract and retain top talent, despite the challenges of large interdependent teams, complex architectures and diverse stakeholder groups.

National Broadband Network

The adoption of agile ways of working at NBNCo created the need for delivery leadership to change the way that they worked with teams. Our Agile Leadership Development Programs helped leaders to understand the impacts of reactive system interventions and to be more mindful of the shadow that they cast. Their teams became exemplars for agile delivery within the organisation.

Melbourne University

We worked with Think One Team Consulting to co-design and execute an agile training and leadership development program to support the university with their transition to agile.


We collaboratively designed and delivered an agile leadership training program for the AGL executive team to support their agile transformation.

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