Agile product owners give you an edge on your competition by building products that delight your customers.

Great Product Owners are the lifeblood of an agile organisation, ensuring that your teams are continuously delivering high value products and features. Elabor8 provides amazing people to augment your Product Teams and helps you to build capability from within through training and practitioner coaching.

Our Approach

Elabor8 blends modern product development approaches with the best techniques from agile business analysis to create the base recipe for amazing products that delight your customers.

Product Ownership Case Studies

Our team of Product Owners have created amazing customer experiences for some of Australia’s biggest brands. We help our customers to build brilliant products that delight, despite the challenges of large interdependent teams, complex architectures and diverse stakeholder groups.


We helped Crownbet to redesign their product and delivery teams, putting the customer at the centre of every product backlog. We provided product owners to both help shape features and also to uplift the skills of their existing team. We increased feature throughput by 280% and built the foundations for extraordinary business growth.

Cricket Australia

We’ve been providing Product Ownership services to Cricket Australia for several years, helping them to build digital products that delight a broad stakeholder group from grass-root participants through to professional sportspeople and media.


We delivered Product Owner Bootcamps for Suncorp’s Product teams, helping them to learn modern analysis and product development techniques in a context rich setting and helping to evolve their delivery teams from feature factories to value factories.

Our Approach

We use a huge library of techniques in our approach to Agile Product Ownership:

  • Cynefin Framework and Sensemaking techniques
  • Design Thinking
  • Service Design
  • Jobs to be Done
  • UX / HCD
  • ResearchOps
  • User Story Mapping
  • Impact Mapping
  • Performance Data Science
  • Agile forecasting

Product Owner Training

For companies starting on their agile journey we provide certified courses in Product Ownership from ICAgile, Scaled Agile Inc. (SAFe) and Scrum.org. These courses help your teams to understand the difference between big batch product design (guesswork) and more modern, iterative approaches.

Product Ownership Bootcamps

For more advanced teams we embed amazing Product Owner practitioner coaches and run bootcamps teaching your people how to use modern approaches to product ownership in the context of your environment leading to rapid capability uplift.

Product Centric Organisational Design

We go way beyond the Spotify or ING Model to collaboratively build fit-for-purpose Agile Operating Models for your delivery teams. We support you with agile team design, agile business unit design, agile job descriptions and career frameworks, prioritisation, governance and funding models and help you to put the customer at the centre of your Product Backlog.

Work with us.

Empower people with new skills and a changed mindset and give your business a strong platform for growth.