Become a Learning 3.0 Facilitator

We’re excited to announce our Learning Camp which is happening for the first time in Palm Beach’s most desirable waterfront location this August.

This is an exclusive weekend retreat held from the 12th to 14th of August where you’ll get the opportunity to experience Learning 3.0 principles in practice and apply them to your own, unique facilitation style.  By the end of our camp, you will be licensed as a Learning 3.0 Facilitator and all set to organise your own official Learning 3.0 events.

Our facilitator is Alexandre Magno, creator of the Learning 3.0 concept and author of ‘How Creative Workers Learn”.  Improve your facilitation skills at camp! Enjoy a fully catered, relaxed learning environment at an outstanding beach house in Palm Beach Sydney.

“The complexity of software delivery is increasing quickly over time. Every day we have new moving parts to manage. New technology stacks, new methodologies, and new people involved. At the same time, the raw knowledge about all of this is spread more and more wide. Most of the time, the reason clients bring us in is not due to a lack of knowledge. They bring us in to help connect the dots.

Learning Camp is an immersive weekend around emergent learning. It’s about learning how to learn in complex domains. This is an exciting development opportunity for anyone wanting to be part of the revolution behind knowledge creation among workers, teams, organisations and society. With just 15 spots, run and don’t miss out!”

Marcio Sete, Principal Consultant, Elabor8