Brisbane Agile Meetups in June

We’re excited to share that Ryan McKergow, Lead Consultant at Elabor8 is traveling to Brisbane next week to speak at two leading Agile Meetups.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear his featured talks on the exciting parts of analysis and continuous improvement at scale!

With over 6 years of agile experience, Ryan has worked as an Agile Business Analyst, Iteration Manager and Scrum Master for some of our most prominent clients, including REA Group, SEEK, and UniSuper.

Nowadays, Ryan is consulting at Monash University on one of their pilot Agile Transformation projects. He is helping to implement continuous improvement practices while also introducing collaborative techniques to get everyone critically thinking about what they’re developing.

Ryan is the founder of the Melbourne Lunch and Learn Meetup, and an active presenter at numerous industry-leading conferences and events where he shares his passion for Agile and Continuous Improvement.

He has recently presented talks at YOW! West 2016, 1st Conference 2016 and LAST Conference 2015. Ryan is next speaking at Agile Australia 2016, and helping to organise LAST Conference 2016 as a track lead this year.

“As a former Brisbanite, it’s great to have the chance to go back and reconnect with the local agile communities. I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt about collaborative analysis techniques with the Business Analyst Meetup and learning from them of what they’ve tried too. I’m presenting a preview of my Agile Australia talk “Continuous improvement at scale” to the Agile Brisbane Meetup and I’m sure I’ll see a few familiar faces.”

Ryan McKergow, Lead Consultant, Elabor8

“Elabor8 is an active connector in the Agile, Product and Innovation Communities of both Melbourne and Sydney, so it’s a great pleasure to support two groups that are promoting shared learning and development opportunities for practitioners in Brisbane.

As a Lead Consultant at Elabor8, Ryan will bring exceptional knowledge and, more importantly, real world insight to both the Business Analyst and Agile Brisbane Meetups. Ryan is very experienced at leading Agile teams as well as cultural change, while his passion for challenging the norm has seen him achieve great success as a thought leader over the last year.

Most recently, Ryan was selected to speak at the Agile Australia 2016 conference and his continued enthusiasm to build communities has helped grow one of Melbourne’s largest Meetup groups.”

Paul Velonis, Managing Director, Elabor8

Don’t be a zombie reading your stories:  Learn the exciting parts of analysis

During this talk, you will learn how to become a Business Analyst while still being a developer, tester, or product manager. I will introduce some of the secrets that great Business Analysts use to get people collaborating, discussing the problem, and agreeing on a solution.

5:30pm, Tuesday, June 14

Continuous Improvement at Scale

During this talk, I will discuss how companies like Spotify and experts like Ben Linders have implemented scaled retrospectives, and where their stories have helped us and what didn’t work for us. I will share some practical tips on how we’ve run awesome scaled retrospectives and avoid wasting everyone’s time.

6pm, Thursday, June 16