Digital Transformation

Our team works with you to collaboratively design solutions that match your market situation, customer demands and organisational needs.

We work with you to develop leading-edge capabilities to drive business innovation, alongside supporting operational efficiency by improving your software lifecycle, and sharpening your team’s engineering practices.

Building high performing technology ecosystems.

  • Elabor8 helps your teams to continuously improve their ability to create and operate well-crafted software that is scalable and maintainable
  • We embed modern principles, practices and tools to evolve your teams’ software engineering effectiveness through the support of our practitioner coaches.
  • We harness the power of technology and approach IT as an enabler – not a constraint or roadblock to delivery.
  • We assist organisations to build the product architectures, structures and cultures they need to manage platform divergence, data silos and security gaps.

We enable change from the inside.

Our team will collaboratively design solutions that match your market situation, customer demands and organisational needs.

Software Delivery

We help our customers with architecture, design, implementation and testing of software using disciplined approaches that build quality in from the start. Testing, security, along with metrics and analytics are first-class considerations that are designed and coded into the solution from the beginning, not as an after-thought.

Solution Architecture Design

Whether you’re considering green-field applications or are re-engineering legacy systems, accelerate the decision-making process with our strategic approach to solution architecture design. We give you the tools you need to effectively solve your business challenges, ensuring solution architecture is built efficiently and can be serviced effectively.

Practitioner Coaching

Our experienced team is highly skilled in solving IT business challenges and implementing innovative tech solutions. We’ll work alongside your people, simultaneously focusing on delivery as well as practical training and hands-on coaching to demonstrate and impart our knowledge of effective agile software engineering techniques.

Technology Transformation

We advise on, design and build technology ecosystems for our clients that support their unique business needs, allowing them to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to get features to customers. We’ll help you develop a consistent approach to your infrastructure setup, application development and software integrations, while managing data silos and security risks.

DevOps Engineers

We help tech teams deploy, release and operate software through small and frequent changes using automation and version control driven by Continuous Delivery pipelines. We are vendor and technology stack agnostic. Our DevOps Engineers work alongside your teams to not only deliver great outcomes but also uplift their knowledge and practices as we do it — we call this “Engineering Effectiveness”.

Enterprise Software & Tools

Elabor8 is an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. We partner with leading companies to enable tailored solutions in digital transformation, software and IT functions. Our specialisation in these services allows you to take full advantage of the Atlassian and AWS capabilities and tools.

Deliver high quality software at speed with our
Test Automation Accelerator.

Because speed and transparency were important to us, Elabor8 set-up an adaptive Transformation strategy which we have been sprinting through as a digital leadership team since the beginning. The other executives can now see the status of where things are at, because we’ve gotten rid of the black box of IT. This means we’re now free to look at the system, not the individual parts. And by focusing on the data, we can be sure we’re building an experience that our customers want, and are welcoming — and that is just the kind of future we want for us.”

Steve Maidment, Chief Information Officer

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