Empower your teams, kickstart innovation and drive culture forward with Elabor8 Hackathons and Hack days

Hackathons and hackdays are an exciting, timeboxed event where groups of individuals join cross functional teams to collaborate on solving new or existing problems, generating new ideas and skills and building team culture. They are the ideal company platform to rapidly skill up, ideate and innovate into the future.

Our Approach

Every team, organisation and objective is different and so to should be each hackathon or hackday that you run. We work with you and your teams to understand your objectives from a culture, innovation and business perspective. We use this information to create an event that is perfectly tailored to you, your people and your customers.

Hack Day Case Studies

Our team of Innovation Consultants have facilitated engaging and highly successful events for some of Australia’s biggest brands. We collaboratively work through each organisations and teams individual context to deliver an event that drives motivation, curiosity, learning, culture and amazing new ideas.

Large Australian Bank

We helped this organisation implement an internal hackday program, starting by piloting an initial program with 10 teams and 100 hack participants which scaled up to a program with 1300 potential participants and 24 confirmed teams. The program continues to be successful producing ideas which can now be seen in the institutions products and services.

Media and Risk Trading

We have worked with some of Australia’s top brands helping them to rapidly innovate through lightweight single day Hackathons. One event with just 40 participants produced 6 successful product pitches to the executive (all receiving funding). We often couple these with a strategy day to reconfirm mission and vision and deliver an aligned product roadmap for new ideas.

Hackathon Facilitation

Contact us for information on how we can assist you to unlock the innovation capability of your people and generate prototypes for cost savings, customer experience improvements and new revenue streams

Hackathon Programs and Frameworks

Engage us to help you develop and implement an ongoing Hackathon program. We will take care of everything from logistics, communications and coordinating supporting technology through to awards and judging criteria. We will define and document the unique approach for your organisation for ongoing use and facilitate all relevant activities: from pre-event ideation, team formation and basic training through to team coaching and facilitation of the Hackathon events.

Hackathon coordination and facilitation

Hackathons are a proven method that can be used to unlock latent innovation in teams, improve culture and uplift team skills. With our expert knowledge and approach across culture building, facilitation and training we can create the perfect Hackathon for you.


Fast paced 1 day program to help fill the product backlog and roadmap while up-skilling participants in Lean Startup & Design Thinking practices. We have multiple formats that run teams through a fast paced facilitated day to take a high-level concept, scan the market, build customer empathy, ideate, prototype, test and refine product options. The ideas and product options then become part of a final shark tank to relevant stakeholders in your organisation.

Work with us.

Empower people with new skills and a changed mindset and give your business a strong platform for growth.