Lean Kanban

is an emerging agile management paradigm enabling the evolution of fit-for-purpose systems, products and services.

Elabor8 is the leading provider of training and consulting services in Lean Kanban, a 21st century approach to management based on the principles of lean, agile and systems thinking.

Our Approach

We provide a range of training and consulting services in Lean Kanban. Our academy team delivers accredited Lean Kanban University courses and we have some of the world’s most experienced and respected Kanban practitioners.

Lean Kanban Case Studies

We’ve implemented Lean Kanban in some of Australia’s leading organisations, helping them to build fit-for-purpose delivery approaches where product development frameworks were insufficient. We’ve blended Kanban with other frameworks including Scrum and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and have heavily adopted Lean Kanban metrics in our Performance Data Science practice.


JBWere’s Wealth Operations teams had a large backlog of planned work that was growing and regular interruptions due to unplanned work. We implemented Kanban across several teams to visualise the flow of work and built a focus on limiting WIP, finishing rather than starting, and on actively addressing the automation of administrative tasks. Within six months the teams had opened up enough capacity to perform a major re-development project without extra funding.

Campaign Monitor

We provided delivery management services for Campaign Monitor on a major re-platforming piece to migrate their hosted services from Rackspace to AWS. Using Kanban as the management framework we increased flow efficiency from 11% to nearly 60%, throughput by 61.5% and reduced lead time by 37.4%, delivering the project to a fixed schedule and with little fuss.

Large Bank

Our customer had embarked on Australia’s most significant agile transformation using a delivery framework based on scrum. We relaunched several teams using the Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban (STATIK) and evolved fit-for-purpose systems that were able to deliver great results.

Kanban Maturity Assessments

We conduct maturity assessments with your teams to understand the level of fluency in their kanban adoption. We assess aspects like:

  • The cadence of meetings and fit-for-purpose
  • Metrics and flow
  • Bottlenecks and constraints
  • Leadership
  • Opportunities for improvement

Lean Kanban Training

We provide certified Lean Kanban University courses for individuals teams, managers and leaders that teach the core principles of Lean Kanban.

STATIK Workshops

We facilitate STATIK workshops with teams to help them to evolve fit-for-purpose systems and provide embedded coaching in Kanban to support adoption.

Kanban Coaching

We provide kanban experts to augment development capacity and coach teams on emerging kanban practices. Our practitioner coaches will uplift your organisation while doing the heavy lifting in delivery. Our people are experts in discovering opportunities for efficiency gains through the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud, data/analytics and IoT.

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