Meet Sarah Rose


What are you passionate about in life and at Elabor8?

At Elabor8, I’m most passionate about helping organisations build developmental cultures. As a curious person, I love to learn and help others stay interested in new ways of thinking and being. I’m interested in skills for the future and the best way to teach them.

I’m super passionate about education. My parents were, my sister is and I am. It’s in my blood and I believe in it. Human prejudices stem from fear — education and connection provide a way towards a connected world.

I’ve read books that have changed my fundamental way of being in a day, that’s powerful. Education is the key.  With everything.


What does a typical day in the Academy look like?

It really depends.  Obviously, we spend a lot of time face to face with a group of people delivering training programs.  The way we do that has changed in recent years, but we still get a great deal of energy helping people think and behave differently to overcome challenges. We spend time thinking on our feet and facilitating outcomes.

But behind all this, one of the greatest things about being a trainer is being paid to learn and be curious.  We need to be continually learning, and learning at a depth that enables us to teach. One of the other benefits of being around people all the time is the amount you learn through observing others learn. The learning just never stops. 

Innovation and creativity is the other thing we get in spades.  From creating new online games and learning activities to designing online learning modules and blended learning programs.  Below is an example of a game I developed called Team Tetris, which helps teams learn through iteration.



What’s the one thing you do that helps you connect with clients?

Be me. It sounds like a cliche, but being vulnerable.  When you train, anything can happen.  From a technology failure to a typo in your materials or just forgetting something mid-sentence.  I just own it, and I think by owning your imperfections, you make it okay for others to do the same. I like to bring empathy to anyone who is learning because it’s hard and it takes courage. 

The other thing I like is humour and fun.  Laughter paired with learning is a really great thing.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to read, discuss interesting ideas and be creative.  So anything that helps me incorporate those three things is my idea of a good time. Camping and getting out into nature are a close second as well.

What’s the top tip you give people wanting to work in this field?

  1. Get comfortable with uncertainty and emergence, because anything can happen when you’re dealing with people.
  2. Maintaining personal energy and resilience is important when you’re giving so much of yourself in the classroom.
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself or be afraid to say “I don’t know, can I get back to you?”


If teaching people how to thrive inspires you, send us your details. We’d love to speak to you. Elabor8 Careers.

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