Elabor8 consults in New Ways of Working, helping you to build better products and services, at lower costs, with happier people.

The burden of bureaucracy in large organisations turns your high calibre talent into dispassionate paper pushers, cogs in a chain of mediocrity. Elabor8 helps you to rethink your organisation and create teams that can genuinely delight customers without the waste of siloed hierarchies.

Our Approach

Elabor8 is Australia’s leading consultancy in New Ways of Working. We provide training, coaching, delivery support and leadership development to some of the countries’ biggest brands. We provide Organisational Design and Development services and turnkey Capability Models so that your people can thrive in a new paradigm.

NWoW and AWoW Case Studies

Our team has driven the cultural change necessary for New Ways of Working at some of Australia’s biggest brands. We help our customers to make sustainable organisational change, despite the challenges of large interdependent teams, complex architectures and diverse stakeholder groups.


We helped Crownbet to redesign their product and IT business units, putting the customer at the centre of every decision. We provided organisational design and development services, drove the necessary structural and people changes, and uplifted Ways of Working through training and coaching. We increased feature throughput by 280%, reduced OPEX by approximately 10%, and built the foundations for extraordinary business growth.

ME Bank

We helped ME Bank to rethink how their organisation might adopt New Ways of Working through a series of training and organisational design workshops with their executive team. We collaboratively designed a customer centric organisation that stripped out hierarchy and gave teams of teams all the capabilities required to execute increments of value.

Large Australian Bank

We’ve spent several years supporting a prominent multinational bank with the implementation of New Ways of Working through agile coaching, approach and playbook development, executive and leadership coaching.

Our Approach

Elabor8 provides a range of services to support New Ways of Working:

  • NWoW Business Case Development
  • NWoW Organisational Design and Development
  • Agile Capability Models
  • Agile Job Descriptions and Transition Pathways
  • NWoW Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • NWoW Coaching
  • Delivery Support for NWoW Teams

NWoW Training

To support our customers on their New Ways of Working journey we provide:

Certified Training in Agile

In-House Training Program Development


The Business Case for Agile

If you’re looking to convince executives or the board of the value of agility we can support you with advisory services to build the business case for agility or New Ways of Working.

Organisational Design for New Ways of Working

We go way beyond the Spotify or ING Model to collaboratively build fit-for-purpose Agile Operating Models for your delivery teams. We support you with agile team design, agile business unit design, agile job descriptions and career frameworks, prioritisation, governance and funding models and help you to put the customer back in the centre.

Work with us.

Empower people with new skills and a changed mindset and give your business a strong platform for growth.