Operational Excellence

Ensure continual improvement becomes a permanent attribute by embracing the changes that are fundamental to organisational excellence.

Even the most high performing of teams can struggle to maintain their momentum while they are learning new ways of working. And even the most agile of organisations can be slowed down when navigating existing barriers to change.

Operational excellence is never an accident. It occurs when you have a clear understanding of the value you want to achieve and the ability to measure it. We give you that foresight, helping you actively build and measure capability while identifying and removing any barriers to organisational agility.

Our approach

Build capability from within

with embedded teams that augment your capability while elevating your organisation’s ways of working.

Extract greater value faster

by giving you a clear understanding of performance, efficiency, and key sources of delay.

Support as you mature

through new techniques that reflect your organisational context so change can build momentum.

Enable responsiveness and speed

by finding efficiencies and improvements for processes and systems that remove barriers to business-wide agility.

Be ready for what
comes next

Transform the structure, processes, and experience of your organisation to realise value faster.

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Develop internal capability creating empowered teams

Our experience in all the major frameworks enables us to evolve working environments, and develop internal capability to create empowered agile teams.

Extract value from projects & products faster

Baseline and track improvements to the efficiency and performance of your portfolio, and achieve faster and more predictable value delivery.

Take the guesswork out of product design

Modern product development approaches to deliver a leading digital experience for your customers.

Lean Kanban Training & Consulting

An agile management paradigm enabling the evolution of fit-for-purpose systems, products and services.

We engaged Elabor8 to coach and guide our technology teams in the use of Agile. All four teams had little to no Agile experience. Within the space of three months, all four teams were operating Agile. This included both Scrum and Kanban philosophies as well as following all the principle ceremonies. Our uplift was so successful that we became the leading team in our wider technology group of which other groups were visiting to see how we were operating.”

Dean Robinson, Delivery Manager

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