Our Beliefs & Values

We believe

Humanity’s potential to achieve great things is constrained by yesterday’s thinking.

We continuously explore better ways to enable organisations
to challenge the impossible on a large scale.

Our Expeditions

Design systems that enable organisations to achieve and sustain high performance

Foster developmental cultures.

Shape new management thinking.

Role model greatness.

To compete in a digital-first world, organisations need to realise the potential of every person so they can be free to adapt and move.

Our Values

We are human first

We believe that business is done between people rather than organisations. We believe our clients are our biggest advocates and we do our absolute best to help them to achieve their goals.

We are in the ‘people business’. Whatever work we do, our people are literally our competitive advantage. We believe in diversity and individuality, we value every person’s right to share their views safely. We actively intervene to avoid monoculture and group think.

To us people are not resources or numbers, we value our human interactions and relate to each other as individuals. We trust, care about, and proactively support our people whenever they, or the people that they care about, are in need.

We are courageous and pragmatic

We have the courage to try things, experiment and solve problems. We agitate for change, but meet people where they are, guiding them forward. We believe that we should bravely try new approaches and learn from our failures, whether it be in our internal processes or in our consulting approaches.

We are humble and pragmatic in our approach. What is most important to us is constantly striving for better, however that is defined for ourselves and/or our clients.

We are proud of our craft

We love solving challenging problems with and for our clients. To do this we are forward thinking, curious and passionate about our craft.

We are committed to professional development. We invest in continuous learning and aim to create an environment where people can share their experiences and knowledge, learn from each other and grow at an exponential pace.

We are committed to Community

We make unique and meaningful contributions to the wider community and our environment. We seek out opportunities where our talents and expertise achieve valuable and lasting impact.

We believe that healthy communities, and the building of better workplaces, underpin innovation leading to the development of awesome solutions and products. We are committed to building and supporting the communities we work within.

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Supporting employees experiencing family and domestic violence

On White Ribbon Day, Elabor8 introduced its Domestic and Family Violence Policy. Our policy goes above and beyond the new government-mandated requirements for family and domestic violence leave.

Gender diversity and inclusion is more than just a ‘pie chart’

With overwhelming evidence that gender diversity and inclusion are better for business, the female to male diversity pie chart has become an expected element in the recruitment and reporting process. But gender diversity is more than a pie chart.

Leading and living a ‘human-first’ culture

Human-first cultures are more than just about meeting a sense of job satisfaction and offering flexibility between work and personal life.

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