Being able to release products that customers love requires more than just hiring software developers. We take the guesswork out of product design by uncovering deep customer insights and articulating that vision to fast track the development of true customer value.



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Find a problem worth solving

  • Who is the customer
  • What is the problem?
  • What is the opportunity?
  • What are our technical options?
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Find a solution worth investing in

  • Creative ideation
  • Lightweight prototyping
  • Early validation
  • Describe a path to market
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Ensure the solution is working

  • Integrate design and development
  • Release value early and often
  • Sustained user research and testing
  • Lean validation & prioritisation


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All Hands
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Product, design & innovation services

User Experience

More than just wireframes, we can help you get to know your customers in new ways.

Product Management

Articulating the vision and navigating the complex world of value.

Customer Experience

Mapping and bringing experiences that create loyalty to life.
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Establish your product, design & innovation practice

Elabor8 Product & Design helps companies bring research, creativity and delivery together to build leading digital experiences.

From initial planning through to support and coaching, Elabor8 Digital can help you get your digital practice up and running.

  • Establish a balanced and capable product practice
  • Integrate research and creative work into your pipeline
  • Build a practice around your people
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Build product, design & innovation capability

We can help you to design and evolve a powerful product practice from within.

From Customer Experience, to Product Management and Ownership, Elabor8ers work alongside your people to show by example how to build up a dynamic and high-performance product practice.

  • We can work alongside your people, sharing what we know
  • Establish key roles and competencies
  • Support good product practice by example
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