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We have co-designed effective solutions with some of Australia’s most complex and digitally progressive companies.

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been helping some of Australia’s most familiar brands and organisations adopt new ways of working so they can become more responsive to market, customer and competitive changes.

Specialists in complex organisations.

Complex businesses can be slow to change, with revenue that requires protection and long term planning to be satisfied. But to compete, they must be freed up to move, to pivot, to respond. We have a strong record of introducing an agile approach into businesses that wish to innovate while protecting existing competitive advantages.

Unleashing the power of possibility.

We serve clients who have an appetite for change. Those who could choose to stay with the status quo, but have instead faced the uncertainty and pace of change head on. We are proud to have been their partner through the complexity, working from within to identify and remove barriers to innovation.

What our clients say


Thanks to Elabor8, we now have a modern performance testing solution and the internal capability to continuously improve the performance of our platform, providing confidence to our customers, and ensuring future growth for our product.

Our product is a complex system, which is facing unprecedented growth. Elabor8 taught us how to focus on customer activities to drive design, working with both RnD and our professional services team to co-design a performance test harness that simulated real-world (customer-focused) scenarios. The ease of repeatability gave us a mechanism to easily update baselines through a continuous improvement process.

Because of this, we were able to introduce Elabor8 to one of our large international customers, and the 3 organisations worked together (across multiple time zones) to establish the test harness on our customer’s environment. Working in this collaborative nature provided valuable insights for both us and our customers, and in turn, gave the customer confidence in the product moving forward.

Elabor8 impressed from the start, showcasing a high level of technical capability, pragmatism and professionalism. Throughout the engagement, Elabor8 worked as part of the delivery team, acting first as an engineer to build the solution, then coaches to help uplift the teams’ capability, making it easier for them to take ownership post-engagement.

Director of Technology

Vodafone NZ

When I started at Vodafone NZ our ways of working needed to be massively overhauled to increase efficiency and set clear, consistent processes. We also wanted to attract good people, so we wanted to be working in modern ways with modern technologies. That meant integrating agile across the business.

When you take an organisation on that journey there’s no off-the-shelf model that you can simply take and apply. I’d already worked with Elabor8 in Australia and seen the benefits of improving broken processes. They were here from the very beginning helping us design a new delivery model, and played a key role in leading our transition to a permanent agile transformation capability in New Zealand.

With Elabor8, you have good people, flexibility and you know what you’re getting. Staff have been glowing in their praise of our new framework, sending a clear signal that we are on the right trajectory.

Andrew Haddad
Chief Information Officer
Vodafone NZ


Our engagement with Elabor8 has delivered great results. Megaport is going through a period of rapid growth, and our engineering department has tripled in size in the last 12 months. Our challenge was to effectively scale the teams while meeting tight delivery times and continuing to ensure high-quality code in production.

Working collaboratively with a core team from Elabor8, we embedded a more predictable, transparent and scalable way of working that allows us to accelerate the delivery of value to our customers and partners. While this is a long term journey, we saw immediate results. After just three months we saw significant improvements in the alignment of teams to our business strategy, collaboration across business units, staff engagement, predictability of our deliveries and the overall positivity of our people. And perhaps most importantly, Elabor8 worked collaboratively with the teams to jointly achieve these results.

Darren Wilson
Chief Operating Officer

Central Highlands Water

Whilst Elabor8 demonstrated core knowledge and experience, we chose to partner with them based on their adaptive approach and desire to grow the capability of our business. They were instrumental in helping us form self-organising teams who were empowered to create additional value for our business. We also appreciated that they focused on developing the individual talent of our people with hands-on support from coaches. With their support we have been able to put the framework into action, deepen our understanding, and strengthen agile uplift within the organisation in a sustainable way through the development of our own agile identity.

Jacqueline O’Neill
General Manager of Customer and Community
Central Highlands Water

Barwon Water

We were already working with agile at a basic level, but we saw value in bringing in someone to build our capability. Elabor8 were leading practitioners and experts in this space which is why we chose them. Elabor8 were able to lead and support us, but their real value lies in the fact that they have given us a solid basis of skills and capability. And while we definitely experienced service improvements, the really pleasing outcome was the difference that it made to the staff. In giving them the space in which to build customer-centric thinking – what that did from a morale and culture perspective – beat any expectations we had. We couldn’t speak more highly about the results, and they’ve given us change that will have a lasting effect.

Jane Tyzack
Manager Customer Experience
Barwon Water

Monash University – MyResearch Program

Elabor8’s approach is focused on knowledge transfer and coaching over a period of time to ensure that project staff evolve and mature in their application of scaled agile methodology to a level of capability that they can sustain on their own moving forward. This has enabled us to significantly increase visibility of our projects, expedite decision making, empower project staff, and understand how to drive a culture of delivering solutions to our end users in a timely and engaging manner that we could not have achieved without their support.

Jane Holt
Executive Director, Office of the Provost & Senior Vice-President
Monash University - MyResearch Program

Open Universities Australia

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to understand how to be a Product Owner that drives and delivers more value for their business. I took away a solid understanding of core principles as well as applicable techniques that have provided an immediate and continued impact in our Agile team.

Daniel Anderson
SES Operations Management and Strategy Manager
Open Universities Australia

Wholesale telecommunications provider

We brought Elabor8 on board to act as a coach to train our team in SAFe, but they quickly identified that more than just their systems and processes needed to change. We wanted to create a high performing team where people enjoyed spending time together, and a trusting and safe environment where people could express their opinions and know their voice was valued. Elabor8 helped us to create a culture of growth and as a result the whole vibe of the business has changed. There is more conversation taking place, more support, understanding and compromise. This is reflected in the team’s engagement score increasing from 58% to 76% in just 18 months. The team is now open to new ideas and willing to try things in a different way. We are now truly a high performing team.

Wholesale telecommunications provider

Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross engaged Elabor8 to help us understand how to work more effectively as we deliver on future humanitarian outcomes. Their valuable insights helped us see where our existing internal structures and processes both helped and hindered our people and were the catalyst for a valuable discussion with the Red Cross Leadership team. As a result, the Leadership team decided to focus on two projects through which we could test out new agile ways of working. Elabor8 coached the teams and were able to identify and mitigate any obstacles to achieving their goals. Our engagement with Elabor8 has helped us see where we can improve and how to better harness our strengths. At 104 years young, we have a wealth of knowledge, passion and expertise, but with Elabor8’s help we have been able to start a conversation about embedding continuous improvement practices across our great organisation.

Australian Red Cross

Campaign Monitor

Elabor8 provides the best people in the agile space. I have been continuously impressed with the high level of professionalism and expertise from the Elabor8 people that I have worked with. They have a lot of thought leaders, especially in the area of Product Management. Their Product Managers have deep understanding on how to build great product and foster an environment where the team is empowered to come up with ideas to solve customer’s problems. I would strongly recommend Elabor8 to any companies that are serious about delivering value to customers.

Herry Wiputra


We engaged Elabor8 to coach and guide our four technology teams in the use of Agile. All four teams had little to no Agile experience. With Elabor8’s coaching, within the space of three months, all four teams were operating Agile. This included both Scrum and Kanban philosophies as well as following all the principle ceremonies. Our uplift was so successful that we became the leading team in our wider technology group of which other groups were visiting to see how we were operating. Elabor8 also coached our leadership team in the values of having a vision and purpose and built on our soft skills which has improved the overall engagement amongst our team. I will be using Elabor8 again and recommending them to my colleagues.

Dean Robinson
Delivery Manager


The support we have received from Elabor8, has helped eSolutions transform the way they partner with the business to deliver value. Elabor8’s support model focuses on ensuring Monash can learn Agile practices and adopt mindsets, in a way that is sustainable into the future. This is achieved through Elabor8’s commitment to investing in our staff to build Agile capability, which is a refreshing experience from a professional services firm.

Teresa Finlayson
Director Strategic Enablement, CIO Directorate


Elabor8 have provided invaluable coaching and leadership to our Business Analysis team during our adoption of Agile methods. They continue to be a go-to partner for supplementing our internal Business Analysis resources when the need arises. Elabor8 have a passionate and expert knowledge of the Business Analysis craft. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business.”

Scott Pattison
Strategic Business Analyst


Elabor8 have helped Sensis with the successful delivery of two key strategic projects. Using their collaborative design based innovation process we were able to quickly ideate and define solutions based on our strategic goals and also kick start the collaboration and engagement process with key internal stakeholders such as Sales and Marketing, ultimately paving the way for a smooth business change process. Initiating the project in this way ensured the projects were able to progress to delivery with a clearly defined vision, user proposition and feature set. I strongly recommend both Elabor8 and their approach to Innovation.

Michael Stoelwinder
Senior Manager, White Pages Product


Elabor8 have provided valuable Business Analysis consulting services to SEEK, from facilitating high quality product discovery sessions to performing the Business Analysis role within several of our Agile projects. Elabor8’s consultants focus on continuous improvement and ensure the Business Analysts and Testers are always working closely together. If we have a non-permanent hiring need, I’ll always go to Elabor8 first as they have professional Agile practitioners that can integrate quickly into our delivery teams.

Benn Wheeler
Business Analysis Team Lead (IT)

Open Universities Australia

Elabor8 consultants helped us establish repeatable processes that have significantly improved the speed and agility of our website development and delivery.

Hani Banna
Project Manager

Profectus Group

Elabor8 has helped us focus our short-term and strategic goals in a clear and unambiguous way allowing us to push forward with unique and innovative approaches to product development. Elabor8’s cadre of Agile professionals understood our needs and worked closely with us to execute on a complete business transformation. Our Agile teams work better and smarter following the engagement. Elabor8 is the indispensable Agile consultancy that integrates seamlessly into any organisational structure and provides supportive coaching and advice across all business units. We continue to seek their counsel and highly recommend their services.

Takis Diakoumis
Development Manager


Elabor8 became partners during our journey in the adoption of Agile project delivery, listening to and understanding our needs, then hitting the mark with the training they delivered to the team.

Rob Zigmann
IT Program Manager


Elabor8 managed themselves very professionally. Elabor8’s Scrum Master demonstrated excellent team building skills – and provided the right level of support to the team as they started their transition to Agile/Scrum. They also introduced a range of very effective visual tools which still adorn our walls. At their farewell lunch I think it was appropriately summed up by the following statement: “When Elabor8 joined us we were Ensurance IT and they leave us now as Ensurance iTeam”. We could not be happier with the services Elabor8 provided.

Peter Fielding


Elabor8 worked across the CUA Enterprise Data Office providing leadership support and guidance to project and BAU teams. Taking a pragmatic approach, they advised the leadership team on how to develop and embed a new operating rhythm, championed an agile approach to planning and delivery, and helped project delivery teams clarify their priorities.

Head of Enterprise & Data Analytics


In order to build a best in class platform and to achieve our vision, we knew we needed to find best in class people to work in a multi-vendor delivery team. Elabor8 was one of our key partners for Agile and Product capability, providing consultants who brought both deep expertise in our domain and the specialist skills to help guide the design and then lead our delivery effort. Elabor8 consultants were especially good at wearing multiple hats, often using their domain and product expertise to act on behalf of the business, prioritising and guiding which features to bring to market and in what order as well as working within the multi-vendor team to facilitate and guide the delivery of those features.

Nish Mahanty
Head of Development