Build high-performing finance teams

that drive business improvement through a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration and learning.

The promise of agility is not limited to technology teams. Agile principles and practices evolve working environments so that people are happier, more creative, more innovative and more productive. That’s why modern finance teams are evolving their operating models to achieve better results.

Our Approach

Scrum is a product development framework that is optimised for knowledge work and technology delivery. However, it is not always the most effective framework for work that is administrative or seasonal in nature. Elabor8 understands how to build fit-for-purpose frameworks that suit other lines of business. Services we provide are agile training for non-IT teams, operating model design workshops and coaching and delivery support.

Hack Day Case Studies

Our team has worked with finance leadership at some of Australia’s biggest brands, providing agile leadership development, finance systems implementation, strategy planning and operating model design.


We implemented an operating model based on the Scaled Agile Framework for the Finance Systems Team. This team became an exemplar for agile ways of working in the organisation. We provided agile leadership development to support the leadership team through the transition from directive leadership to adaptive leadership and coached the teams through the transition.

Large Australian Bank

As the Australian Division of a large Australian bank was transitioning to new ways of working, we supported their Finance Team with coaching and facilitation services to help them navigate the new paradigm.

Building Agile Finance Teams

Contact us for information on how we can assist you to create a capacity driven finance operating model and improve the effectiveness of your finance function.

Finance Operating Model Design

We facilitate collaborative workshops to help you to design and plan the implementation of the Finance function of the future.

Agile Finance Teams

We train and coach Finance teams in agile frameworks that actually work for administrative and seasonal demand profiles.

Finance Team Training

We provide training in:

  • Agile for Finance Teams
  • Kanban Systems Design for Finance Teams
  • Management 3.0
  • Cynefin and Sensemaking

Work with us.

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