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Beyond traditional learning, discovering the future of education

Dive deep into the future of education with us and learn how to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape with Samantha Davis and Alex Gray.

Reflect, plan and achieve more in 2024 Meetup

Explore Cprime Elabor8’s reflective workshop insights. Learn strategic planning and personal growth techniques from the Personal Reflection Mural Canvas session.

Debugging Difficult Conversations Meetup

Gain insights on mastering Difficult Conversations with Andrew Murphy. Learn key techniques to enhance trust and smooth team dynamics.

A day in the life of an RTE Meetup

Uncover the pivotal role of RTEs in Agile Release Trains with Cprime Elabor8’s panel. Gain insights on guiding ARTs and mastering PI Planning.

Value Stream Management Meetup

Discover VSM insights with Cprime Elabor8’s team as they discuss the key business benefits, competitive strategies, hiring tips, and pitfalls to avoid in Value Stream Management.

SAFe 6.0 Meetup

Explore the latest SAFe® 6.0’s updates at Cprime Elabor8’s meetup. Learn how the latest Scaled Agile Framework advancements drive business agility.

The Neuroscience of Agile Leadership Meetup

Explore brain function under stress at Cprime Elabor8’s meetup with Karim Harbott. Learn to maintain mental agility in an uncertain world.

Academy Insights – Meet Samantha Davis, Head of Academy

Discover Cprime Elabor8’s ‘Academy Insights’ series. Episode one introduces Samantha Davis and her approach to learning innovation and teaching.

Dynamically Adaptive Organisations Meetup

Discover key strategies for business agility at Cprime Elabor8’s meetup on Dynamically Adaptive Organisations. Learn to align strategy and implementation.

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