Agile Delivery

Transforming businesses with collaborative and adaptive agile solutions.

For companies looking to extract value from projects and products faster, we work from within. We leverage our experience in all the major frameworks to evolve working environments, and develop internal capability to create empowered agile teams.

Building collaborative environments that free teams to deliver

  • Elabor8 has a unique blend of experience having helped digital-first companies in the startup space through to some of Australia’s largest corporates.
  • We bring insights and methods that support the adoption of agile in teams and projects across the enterprise, coaching the different areas to optimise and define their own version of agility.
  • We help you to build learning environments with tailored training programs and mindset development to accelerate your team’s journey.
  • We use sophisticated delivery metrics to measure results in real time, to provide insight into team performance, communicate progress and recommend opportunities for improvement.

We enable change from the inside

Our team will collaboratively design solutions that match your market situation, customer demands and organisational needs.
Agile Delivery Frameworks

We have significant experience with a broad range of agile frameworks including Scrum, SAFe, eXtreme Programming, LeSS, Nexus and Lean Kanban, and consider your goals and organisational environment before recommending the most appropriate solution for you. We’ll determine the right minimum to get started, and a roadmap for incremental change to achieve sustainable benefits.

Training and Certification

Developing agility across your teams will require a change in the skills and competencies that underpin delivery. We are the only Australian provider of certified training across all the major agile frameworks, and offer in-house training programs customised to the needs. Our trainers will work with you to determine the right training programs for your teams, at the right time.

Practitioner Coaching

Implementing agile into any team successfully is about making small, continuous changes that help overcome a big bang-like shock. Which is why we embed experienced practitioners into your teams, combining practical training and coaching, to assist your people with adapting their agile knowledge to their particular context, alongside identifying and clearing roadblocks to the team’s success.

Building Agile Capability

We know that changing the way humans work requires more than just frameworks and tools, which is why we concentrate on building communities of practice, supported by training, coaching, and targeted interventions. Our measure of success is building the capability in your teams so that one day you’ll no longer need us to support you.

Big Room Planning

When facilitated right, big room planning can help you maintain ‘big picture’ thinking and ensure all programs and team members are aligned as you move forward. We can help by providing skilled facilitators equipped with tools and experience from different scaling frameworks to help you maximise your investment.

Performance Data

Agile ways of working demands different ways of understanding where teams are in terms of their delivery performance, efficiency and key sources of delay. We use a comprehensive set of reporting metrics that demonstrate changes in speed to value, cost, quality, predictability, etc., helping you to quantify your return on investment.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Elabor8 over the past 18 months as we have slowly introduced Agile and Scrum into our ways of working on complex projects. We started with a tailored Agile Fundamentals course for our team, and since then have attended other courses and worked on a one-to-one basis with Elabor8 consultants. We’ve really appreciated the way that Elabor8 has strived to understand the different context and systems in which we work and listened to our needs. It has positioned us with invaluable knowledge and skills that allow us to apply different methods and tools to our most complex projects.”
Elly Robinson, Senior Specialist, Parenting Research Centre

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