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Find out about the latest version of SAFe® and how it can help revolutionise your business.

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Elabor8 takes a pragmatic approach to implementing SAFe leveraging their team of experts to design and craft an implementation that will deliver your business outcomes.

ART Launch

Get value from your ART launch sooner – let our experts share their wealth of experience and partner with you through this critical phase of the implementation.


Having Elabor8’s experienced practitioner coaches work alongside your leadership team and ART is key to maximise the impact of training as well as embed the skills and behaviours required for lasting change.

SAFe Training

Our trainers pride themselves on being experienced SAFe practitioners. Our courses are immersive, practical and fun, and can be delivered in person or 100% remote.

SAFe Roles & Teams

Whether you’re looking for experienced SAFe practioners to support your ART such as Scrum Masters or RTEs, or you’re after full stack engineering teams, Elabor8 has you covered.


Combining Atlassian expertise with a deep knowledge of SAFe, we ensure your tooling supports your new ways of working and provides the reporting you need to steer the business.

SAFe Training

Training: Your Keys to Success

5000+ professionals trained in over 250 certified SAFe courses. Have confidence that you’ll be attending the best in market courses, delivered by trainers who are active practitioners, not just content deliverers.


Elabor8 are experts in SAFe and Atlassian

Lean-Agile transformations are in our DNA. Tooling for us is about supporting the new ways of working, and not the other way around. That’s why our consultants are experts and certified in both SAFe and the Atlassian suite.

Our Latest News & Updates

Unlocking Business Agility with SAFe 6.0

SAFe 6.0 is the latest release of the Scaled Agile Framework, featuring six themes that aim to revolutionise business agility. Strengthening foundations, empowering teams, accelerating value flow, enhancing business agility, building the future with AI, Big Data, and Cloud, and delivering better outcomes with OKRs.

Implementing a class-leading agile framework to take Active Transport into the future

During Covid-19, Transport for NSW noticed a growing interest in safer transport options, leading to the establishment of the Active Transport branch. This initiative, led by the Director of Active Transport Portfolio, Data & Analytics, aimed to meet the increased demand for alternative modes of transportation. The challenge was to develop the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these changes.

Playing it SAFe to thrive in the 21st century

Over the last decade the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe, has been evolving. Here’s everything you need to know about SAFe 5.0.

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Find out about the latest version of SAFe® and how it can help revolutionise your business.