Agile Transformation

Unlock your business’s full potential with Elabor8’s bespoke Agile frameworks. We’re committed to fostering a culture of innovation and agility that’s tailored to your unique context. 

Our approach

Our team will collaboratively design solutions that match your market situation, customer demands and organisational needs.


Transformation Coaching

We seek to leave a legacy behind for our clients, to build the mindsets, tools and practices that are the foundation for organisational agility. We do this through organic knowledge-sharing, hands-on coaching with team members and pragmatic applications of Agile techniques that is contextual for the environment, the teams and their work.

Agile Operating Models

We go way beyond the Spotify or ING Models to collaboratively build fit-for-purpose Agile Operating Models for your delivery teams. We support you with Agile team design, Agile business unit design, Agile job descriptions and career frameworks, prioritisation, governance and funding models and help you to put the customer back in the centre.

Agile Portfolio Management

When you have multiple Agile teams working together, bringing genuine coordination and stability to planning and prioritisation requires many conversations. We help you to develop a customised framework for Agile portfolio management to improve cross-functional communication, visibility, and ensure your teams maintain focus on high-value work.

Agile Governance Frameworks

One of the most common constraints to Agile adoption is the friction between increased autonomy at the team level and the need for leaders to retain control. The key to achieving agility without losing visibility or control, is implementing a framework that enhances the work of teams and inspires a level of trust that gives leaders the confidence to let go.

OKRs (Objective and Key Results)

We can help you to effectively implement the OKR goal-setting framework across your business, empowering team members to own their role in driving company strategy. A crucial element to all our engagements is to ensure OKRs are aligned across different areas so that everyone is working cohesively to deliver customer value.

Obeya Rooms & Digital Obeyas

Considered to be the brain of Lean Management, an Obeya Room acts as a new kind of visual management tool spanning end-to-end value streams, across multiple areas and business owners. It provides leaders with lead and lag indicators of business performance, helping them to solve problems across divisional borders.

We chose to partner with Elabor8 based on their adaptive approach and desire to grow the capability of our business. They were instrumental in helping us form self-organising teams who were empowered to create additional value for our business. We also appreciated that they focused on developing the individual talent of our people with hands-on support from coaches. With their support we have been able to put the framework into action, deepen our understanding, and strengthen agile uplift within the organisation in a sustainable way through the development of our own agile identity.“

Jacqueline O’Neill, General Manager of Customer & Community at Central Highlands Water

Why choose Elabor8 for agile transformation?

We enable organisations to respond with flexibility and speed.

Agile Mastery

Leverage our unparalleled expertise in Agile principles to enhance your organisational flexibility and value delivery.

Customer Focus

Our customer-centric approach diagnoses key constraints and streamlines your processes for greater business-wide agility.

Innovate Together

We commit to innovation, guiding sustainable organisational change amidst complex team and tech architectures.

Insightful Agility

Specialising in data-driven solutions, we connect business design and delivery for informed Agile decision-making.

Our case studies

Discover Agile success through our case studies. See how we’ve empowered organisations to embrace Agile with transformative results.

Building a High-performing Team for NBN Co

Our client needed to deliver to market faster and cheaper while downsizing teams to fit a leaner operating model. We helped them successfully transition to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to meet the challenge.


Creating a Bespoke Agile Framework in Less Than a Month

We enabled a leading manufacturing enterprise to adopt a remote-first approach rapidly with a tailored Agile Framework​.


Implementing a Class-Leading Agile Framework for Active Transport

Partnering with Elabor8, Active Transport was able to implement SAFe® with the level of organisational buy-in, support, and willingness from the immediate team, required to make it a success.


Transforming a Complex Organisation with Transparency and Support

Following the Banking Royal Commission, our customer, one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand, launched their largest transformation of the past 20 years.


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