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Addressing the fundamental issue around digital transformations with Apptio Targetprocess.

In today’s digital landscape, agile practices are essential for any organisation aiming for efficiency and impact. Apptio Targetprocess addresses the complexities of scaling agile across multiple teams, offering a unified solution for resource coordination and strategic alignment. Integrated with ApptioOne’s financial management, it provides unparalleled visibility into ROI, empowering smarter technology investment decisions.

Why Apptio Targetprocess?

Accelerate your project to product transition
Connect strategy to execution
Product-centric agility approach
Free yourself from legacy business models

Our customer see

5x – 10x

Faster decision-making

3% – 5%  

YoY increase in ROI from digital initiatives


Faster time to market

Why choose Cprime Elabor8?

We are experts in Org Design, and WoW change, and can help you implement the Apptio platform of tools to integrate financial management into your Agile WoW.
Agile Transformation Services

Expert guidance through enterprise agility complexities, optimised for Targetprocess.

Tailored Solutions

Customised implementations aligned with your agility, resource impact, and investment visibility.

Alignment and Governance

OKR mapping and demand management to align investments with business strategy.

Seamless Integration

Facilitates data consistency and portfolio visibility through Targetprocess integration.

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