Realising the value of Cloud

Unlock and optimise the potential of your digital delivery value chain with AWS.

Elabor8 is a leader in business agility. We have changed the paradigm for cloud adoption to enable business agility and optimise digital delivery.

Reimagining cloud adoption for business agility

  • Elabor8 is a leader in cloud adoption, and our technical experts are practitioners with proven and deep industry experience and AWS qualifications.
  • We help you embed lean development practices, principles, and methods; opening the door for long term realisation of the value of cloud.
  • We uplift the cloud capability in your team, reduce external reliance and provide recommendations for better development processes.
  • We work with you to evolve technology architecture to create a future proof platform architecture purpose designed for your organisation

Realising business value from cloud

Our AWS Accelerators are geared to deliver business value every step of the way. We will work with you to create a pathway that allows you to achieve incremental benefits and enable you to realise more business value in the future.


Letting your team focus on creating business value.


Allow your business to move quickly on new ideas.


Enable you to rapidly change direction and pivot quickly.


Letting you add extra capacity quickly to meet increasing business volume.


Allows your team to bring new features to market quickly by releasing quickly and often.


Create a culture of cloud engineering excellence through repeatable software defined infrastructure.

Your pathway to cloud step by step

We collaborate with your teams to uplift their capability and work with existing technology architecture to create a seamless cloud journey.

Cloud Discovery

Our 4 – 6 week Cloud Discovery engagement assesses your cloud journey ambitions and readiness to quickly develop a cloud roadmap. It will identify the platform architecture evolution required and structure teams and work design to deliver this. It will provide a series of architectural hypotheses, and actionable next steps for each on how to validate these to evolve your platforms to quickly realise the value of cloud in your business. We will identify the people and process challenges that are hindering your cloud adoption and work with you to identify ways to resolve them.

Cloud On-ramp

Our Cloud On-ramp offering will help you and your team to set up the landing zone for your AWS environment, network connectivity and tools required to commence cloud-native app development or cloud migration or cloud analytics. This will include tailored quick reference guides for provisioning development and testing resources, and guides for development teams to follow. This will help your team become self-sufficient in getting things started.

Cloud-native Apps

With our Cloud-native Apps offering, we will help your team create a flexible evolutionary architecture and quickly build applications to test new business ideas and learn, allowing you to quickly pivot or iterate to go from concept to customer onboarding to incrementally mature the products.

Cloud Analytics

To quickly leverage the value of data you already own, you need to be able to get insights from them quickly. Our Cloud Analytics offering is aimed at enabling end-to-end visibility of your business processes spanning siloed applications or creating advanced machine learning models on data to create competitive differentiators for your business using modern data pipelines and cloud-native analytics platforms.

Migrate Apps

We have seen cloud adoption for different customers follow different pathways. At Elabor8 while we always advocate incremental value realisation, we understand some customers want to do a batch migration to the cloud. If this is the path you are looking to take, the Migrate Apps offering will help you to execute your cloud migration in the most efficient way and optimise for cloud performance.

Modernise Apps

Being hampered by legacy applications is a common problem for our customers. We created Modernise Apps offering to decompose legacy applications to define product based environments. This offering will work with you to align customer value chain to applications portfolio and create a product architecture to decompose legacy applications into microservices architecture to consume platform as a service components.

Optimise Cloud

After taking the initial steps to move to cloud, we have seen many of our customers struggle with the challenges of being able to monitor these, secure these, manage cost blowouts and use intelligent automation for ongoing optimisation. Our Optimise Cloud offering is the result of our efforts in helping customers to solve these challenges.

Hybrid Multi-cloud

You have already moved to Azure and are looking to understand what the other cloud platforms offer. This offering will help you to define a Hybrid Multi-cloud strategy in adopting AWS as part of the next step in your cloud journey. It will help you to seamlessly consume resources across multiple cloud environments.

Latest AWS Case Studies

Helping hipages and Natural Therapy Pages navigate the complexity of an AWS cloud migration

Discover how we delivered hipages and Natural Therapy Pages a complex AWS cloud migration solution. Elabor8 embarked on the challenging migration process by leveraging a value lens and radical transparency to provide a solution within budget that exceeded expectations on delivery. This improved infrastructure enabled hipages to create new businesses with a click of a button.

How Elabor8 and AWS enabled Flomatika to move with confidence, scale for the demand, and experiment on new features

Find out how we used AWS to test and learn how to bring this product to market and created a scalable, secure, and extensible platform for Flomatika (which was spun out as a separate company). AWS enabled us to gradually evolve this platform as Flomatika scaled to address the customer needs and the market demand.

Helping a customer to automate functional and performance testing for delivery efficiency

Elabor8 helped a bancassurance customer to create a test automation framework built on AWS to automate functional and performance testing for a large program of work transforming their technology and business landscape to meet Open Banking standards and future proof their business.

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