How to ensure your transformation
is a success before you start.

When a major Australian bank wanted to modernise the entirety of its core banking, it was clear that more was required than just a tech transformation—a business transformation was needed as well.

Organisational transformation programs carry with them great expectations. Some are planned to boost productivity, efficiency, and profit. Others are intended to achieve a miraculous metamorphosis from slow and manual processes to an innovation-leading organisation that leaves competitors in the dust.

Yet transformation remains difficult. Even achieving modest ambitions, like streamlining an organisation’s workflow, can throw up enormous challenges.

In fact, according to research, 70% of complex, large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals.

Recognising the difficulties, many businesses allow the risk of failure to make them hesitate or reduce their commitment, right when confidence and speed matter most.

This is particularly true across parts of the Asia Pacific region, where the uptake and roll-out of digital transformation projects has been slower than in markets such as Australia, the US, and Europe.

Take time to prepare and understand the elements of success.

  • Bring together the right people to co-design
  • Agree how you expect to deliver value
  • Apply context to the ways of working
  • Identify constraints

Embracing organisational transformation would be much easier to take if you could be assured of success before you start.

Confidence starts with clarity.

Learn more about our approach to making digital transformations successful in our whitepaper.