Toolchain Modernisation

Transforming business technology for the modern enterprise.

Our multi-faceted approach maximises the value of your toolchain.

It’s not just about choosing adequate platforms, it’s about evaluating your options, facilitating a seamless implementation, customising a solution which meets all your unique needs, setting guardrails for efficient scaling and development, and supporting users to derive optimal value.
Platform Architecture

Maximise time-to-value, access real-time data metrics, and create cost efficiencies across the whole product lifecycle, from concept to release.

Enterprise Tools Stack

Consolidate and simplify complex systems and integrations, to maximise cost and team efficiencies across licensing and ways of working.

Value Stream Management

Understand how you provide value to customers and increase your speed to market. Visualise strategic goals using a customer-centric approach.

DevOps Tooling

Implement, scale, and unite tech stacks across the enterprise; streamline CI/CD, automation, and DevSecOps, whilst enabling teams to own, build and run.


Optimise data flows via test and business process automation, so teams can focus on delivering high quality outcomes without manual touchpoints.

Tool Migrations

Get expert assistance, to avoid costly and time-consuming errors and workflow disruption common to migrating from one solution to another.

Platform Governance

Align platform management with efficient support and change processes, to ensure internal teams can integrate tooling with their ways of working.

Enterprise Service Management

Synchronise customer touchpoints and empower services teams to collaborate on customer requests, building on best-practice ITSM/ITIL methodologies.

Tools Training

Enable your users, admins, and management team to use software tools effectively without long learning curves or challenges to adoption or buy-in.

Maximise the ROI from your enterprise software investment

Assess and Consult  

Evaluate your comprehensive business needs and discuss current and future objectives, expectations, and budgets. 

Select and Implement   

Assist you in choosing the best solutions and implement them with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Optimise and Support

Fine-tune the solution through data migration, configuration, integrations for automation, and ongoing support.

Your tech stack is what makes a value stream flow. It is the combination of technologies used to build and run products and it stitches together the workflows of functional departments. With your unique business in mind, Elabor8 helps assemble and maintain a modern, flat, and scalable tech stack that allows you to meet customer needs at the speed required to stay competitive in today’s environment.

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