Ways of Working Transformation

Accelerate your organisation’s transformation with new ways of working and future-proof it by embedding change into your culture.

To compete in a digital-first world, organisations need to realise the potential of every person. We work from within to help people and teams at every level to embed new ways of working in the digital age. This helps the entire organisation build capability and rapidly gain traction in its evolution.

Our approach

Launch change fast

with proven launch patterns, designed around your people, processes, and tools.

Facilitating learning

so that people are brought along on the journey, ready to perform.

Focus on culture

to establish a shared vision, embed ideas, and galvanize action.

Building capability

through targeted coaching and interventions to accelerate self-determination.

Be ready for what
comes next

Transform the structure, processes, and experience of your organisation to realise value faster.

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Working collaboratively with a core team from Elabor8, we embedded a more predictable, transparent and scalable way of working that allows us to accelerate the delivery of value to our customers and partners. After three months we saw significant improvements in the alignment of teams to our business strategy, collaboration across business units, staff engagement, predictability of our deliveries and the overall positivity of our people. 

Darren Wilson, Chief Operating Officer

Agile Governance Framework Whitepaper

Elabor8's Agile Governance Framework whitepaper offers a practical approach to governance for organisations adopting agile ways of working, balancing agility and stability while managing risk and maintaining compliance.