Whether you are just emerging from traditional project methods, in the throes of an ongoing Scaled Agile Transformation, or just getting settled into your Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise Transformation, businesses, operations, and technology leaders need to be laser-focused on understanding how to measure predictability in terms of the flow of value through the system.

Outside Context Problem

Ian Banks defined an Outside Context Problem as “a problem that hits you not only because no one saw it coming, but because it was so far outside your context that no one could have possibly predicted it.” In business, we see this all the time, we call it a “disruption”. Disruptions are the primary business model for aggressive tech-focused startups. They hit organisations hard because they just can’t see it coming. Not that they don’t see it coming, but they can’t.

Ditch IT

While the idea of an IT department feels quite modern, the actual idea is pretty old. In the 60s and 70s, these systems were big and complex. Fast-forward 30 years and things are different.

We still talk about “business” and “IT” but that’s no longer really the case. Everything you do in your business relies on IT to happen. IT no longer supports your business. IT is your business.

Flomatika Move with Confidence

Find out how we used AWS to test and learn how to bring this product to market and created a scalable, secure, and extensible platform for Flomatika (which was spun out as a separate company). AWS enabled us to gradually evolve this platform as Flomatika scaled to address the customer needs and the market demand.

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