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Many businesses use customer-centricity as a defensive strategy. They design and deliver the products they believe are needed to meet customer demand and fend off aggressive market disruptors. Learn strategies and insights you need to remove roadblocks and enhance customer experiences.

Active Transport Case Study

During Covid-19, Transport for NSW noticed a growing interest in safer transport options, leading to the establishment of the Active Transport branch. This initiative, led by the Director of Active Transport Portfolio, Data & Analytics, aimed to meet the increased demand for alternative modes of transportation. The challenge was to develop the necessary infrastructure to accommodate these changes.

Flomatika Move with Confidence

Find out how we used AWS to test and learn how to bring this product to market and created a scalable, secure, and extensible platform for Flomatika (which was spun out as a separate company). AWS enabled us to gradually evolve this platform as Flomatika scaled to address the customer needs and the market demand.