Global Division and appointment of Kim Ballestrin



The pandemic and the subsequent movement to distributed and remote working opened up a new opportunity for Elabor8 last year.  

We began to receive an increasing number of inbound sales enquiries from progressive organisations overseas for whom remote contexts have opened up the potential to work with new partners doing interesting things (aka Elabor8). 

Our work in remote working (with R:AF) and value stream management (with Flomatika) and more generally our stories about transformation were being noticed by organisations worldwide.  As we engaged with this new cohort of customers they reflected to us that our consulting approaches are truly unique and class-leading in the global marketplace.  

This resulted in consulting engagements with clients in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

This has given us the confidence to formalise a Global Consulting Division to support these clients and begin to build up our permanent workforce in each of the regions.

I am delighted to celebrate Kim Ballestrin’s recent appointment into the role of Global Division Manager. Kim has been with Elabor8 for five years and most recently led the ACT Group and Government Practice. Kim brings a global profile and network through her work within the Cynefin and Agile communities globally.


Velonis said –

“We are very excited about the opportunity that Global provides, in this new context.  It has really broadened our horizons. It was very important to have someone internally lead this new division to ensure that we are bringing Elabor8 approaches, culture and principles globally. Kim has the perfect blend of management and consulting experience to lead our new division, and she is already very well known and respected globally which is an added bonus. The division couldn’t be in better hands.”



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