Highlights From Scrum Australia 2016

Last week we sponsored and attended the Melbourne launch of Australia’s foremost Scrum-focused event, Scrum Australia 2016.

It was a valuable two days learning from some of the most progressive thinkers in the field, featuring a great mix of traditional style addresses and some unconventional interactive sessions including the Coaches Clinic and Open Spaces.

These sessions were a welcome addition to the standard programme. They allowed people to meet and share their experiences, creating fantastic opportunities for peer-learning.

Scrum Australia

Our Elabor8ers had a great time chatting the latest in Scrum with everyone and sharing the details about our new market leading course, Scaled Professional Scrum.

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For those of you who couldn’t attend last Thursday and Friday, here are some highlights of the conference.

CEO Scrum Alliance – Manuel Gonzalez

In the opening address Gonzalez, CEO of Scrum Alliance talked about the success of Scrum outside of IT, with government and other non IT organisations adopting the practice as a way of doing business. With Scrum positioning the customer at the centre, and creating a great environment for people to work in, it’s a small wonder why more and more organisations are moving towards Scrum.

Keynote – Steven Denning

How to Make the whole Organisation AgileErwin’s tweet was the perfect summary of Denning’s address: Among many of the ‘truth bombs’ that Denning dropped about how organisations become agile was that with an agile mindset, benefits flowed, but without, no benefits flowed.

He talked of the learnings from organisations that made the transition from traditional bureaucracies to agile environments and made three key findings: a. agile is a mindset b. agile requires strong leadership (contrary to some popular perception) and c. large, old school organisations can change.

Other ‘truth bombs’ included “agile isn’t something you can write down and put in an operational manual” and “forget about a boss-less office”. The science behind self-organisation. Why does it work?

Erwin van der Koogh

Head of Elabor8 Academy, Erwin van der Koogh represented the team with his featured presentation on self-organisation. His thought-provoking talk answered some fundamental questions including how organisations can make it work.

One of his more brilliant quotes from the session included “no one person knows how to make a pencil, but we make billions a year. Together we get the pencil made.” Erwin backed this up by advising clients in the Coaches Clinic.


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Click here to check out our Agile training courses and enter the code E8ScrumAus16 to receive 15% off.