Agile for
Senior Leaders

Today’s leaders need to make decisions faster, in increasingly fast moving and ambiguous domains. Robust leadership teams with an appreciation of complexity are critical. Agile Leadership Development enables Business Agility, the heartbeat of 21st century organisations.

Our immersive leadership workshops are designed to help leaders understand their role in leading and navigating an organisation adopting new ways of working. This helps to establish alignment in the leadership team on new terminology and practices, and what to expect in an agile organisation.

We introduce you to the latest thinking about Agile leadership and enable you to apply it back to your organisation. You’ll explore the tools, techniques, behaviours, and principles of Agile leadership to ensure you feel confident and capable of leading the change. You’ll also appreciate that leadership education, sponsorship, and support of Agile practices is essential to the success of your organisation in today’s rapidly changing markets.

We understand that every organisation is different, so we’ve designed the course to be modular, allowing customisation that is fit for your purpose, needs and goals. In our pre-course needs assessment session, your trainer will work with you to determine which modules will add value to your team and organisation.

Align your role as a leader in building and operating an Agile System / Enterprise

Educating your Leadership Team is just the beginning. Our Business Advisory team are then able to partner with you to determine what outcomes you’re looking for from implementing agile ways of working, and how to go about achieving them. We’re able to support the leaders and wider organisation through the change.

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