Elabor8 advances to Gold Partner in the Scaled Agile Partner Network

Elabor8 is now a Gold Partner within the Scaled Agile Partner Network, enabling us to deliver the network’s highest level of certification to help organisations successfully implement the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe).

John Sullivan, Elabor8’s Chief Executive Officer, says our consultants take a pragmatic and framework-agnostic approach to helping some of Australia’s largest organisations adopt Agile.

“For all our clients, we select a framework or process that’s the best organisational fit,” says John. “We see SAFe as well-suited to large complex businesses with more centralised organisational structures and stronger governance requirements.”

Recent survey data from Forrester shows that Agile at scale across teams, divisions and enterprise is still relatively rare. A third of enterprises still have separate Agile and DevOps transformation programs, with only a small subset of these (14%) planning to unify their Agile and DevOps programs.

SAFe provides proven patterns for adopting Agile at enterprise scale. It’s a repeatable approach that an increasing number of large organisations are using to coordinate the delivery of multiple Agile teams.

The SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) program is the highest level of certification provided by Scaled Agile, Inc. James Halprin, Elabor8 Principal Consultant, is now a candidate after reaching the required 15 years of tech industry experience and nominated SAFe qualifications.

Last year Elabor8 delivered more than 234 training courses last year with 65 of them being in SAFe to organisations including the Australian Tax Office, NBN Co, Macquarie University, Monash University and AGL to help train individuals and teams in the key SAFe roles required for adoption of the framework.

At Elabor8, we believe a successful mindset shift is key to the success of any organisational transformation, and that effective training must be followed up by ongoing coaching to embed the skills and behaviours required for lasting change.

“With 13 SAFe Program Consultants (SPC) and experienced practitioners, Elabor8 ensures the program theory is contextualised with real-life examples, providing participants clear visibility of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, as well as the ‘what’.”

Elabor8 intends to deliver the highly-specialised Implementing SAFe® course publicly in both Sydney and Melbourne, working with Mark Richards – the first person worldwide to achieve SPCT certification.

Attendees of this course become certified as SAFe Program Consultants, gaining the knowledge and skills to enact the structural and team changes required to implement SAFe within an organisation. Learn more about Implementing SAFe®.