Elabor8 featured in APAC CIOoutlook Magazine

We’re excited to announce that CIOoutlook magazine has listed us as one of the 25 Most Promising Agile Solutions Providers for 2016.

CIOoutlook has gained recognition within the tech industry for their print journalism. The publication exclusively leverages its extensive network of leading technology executives to share their experience and the best practices with the Enterprise IT community in Asia Pacific countries.

Elabor8 was selected to be part of the magazine’s annual special edition on “Agile Solutions” after its research team analyzed the offerings, top management and reputation of over 800 companies providing Agile Solutions and Services.

With the help of CIOoutlook’s advisory board consisting of top CIO’s and Senior IT managers from medium to large companies in APAC, around 80 businesses were shortlisted, all of whom are leading companies in Agile Method.

The final list of 25 Most Promising includes emerging companies that are providing cutting edge solutions to enterprises in APAC.

“Elabor8 brings its own experience to educate businesses to be focused, lean, adaptive and robust.”

APAC CIOoutlook Magazine

“We are extremely proud to be listed as one of the 25 Most Promising Agile Solutions Providers in the Asia Pacific region and to be recognised by CIOoutlook magazine as a ‘leading provider of Innovation and Agility expertise’.

We are six years into our journey, we have been very lucky to have a great client list of progressive companies who look to us for strategic agile enablement and innovation.

Our inclusion in this role of honour is a huge credit to the quality of work delivered across the entire team of Elabor8 consultants, and their passion for creating great outcomes for our clients.”

Paul Velonis, Managing Director, Elabor8.

Our company profile in CIOoutlook magazine shares the story of Elabor8’s founding years and reinforces the success we’ve had in organisational Agile Transformations over this time.

“The wealth of knowledge within its consulting team consisting of expert and highly experienced consultants provide organisations the right mentoring and guidance that they need.

By engaging with clients during every step of project development, the company effectively measures up the agile practices that will provide the most business value.”

APAC CIOoutlook Magazine

A Lean-Agile Transformation will deliver substantial benefits. At Elabor8, we understand that transformation is a significant change and believe every implementation will be different.

Elabor8’s consultants are experts in the Agile frameworks. Our approach is consultative, pragmatic, and independent. Being guided by our principles and expertise we seek to understand the current state of the enterprise (practices, culture and organisation structures) before adopting a specific Agile Framework.

Our mentoring and tailored education is the foundation to establishing agile teams and empowers them with effective agile practices.  Over and above this, our transformation program will provide Agility to the organisation’s program and portfolio to better deliver on its strategic direction.

“At Elabor8 today our Agile Transformation program is grounded in the practices of Agile IT delivery but our focus on both our methodology and our people is to grow our capabilities and strengths into total organisational agility, linking very strongly to aspects of innovation.

We see ourselves as growing to be a major player in organisational change that will deliver true and adaptive capability.”

David Landry, Head of Agile Transformation, Elabor8

After launching our business in 2009 and since becoming one of Australia’s fastest growing consultancies, our feature in CIOoutlook’s 25 Most Promising list provides our Elabor8 team yet another exciting start to the year.