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At the Elabor8 Academy, we recognise that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for ways of working. We work closely with you to address your unique challenges, offering tailored training solutions that empower your teams. By collaborating closely with our global certification partners and our practitioners, we are able to provide unique solutions and a competitive edge that sets us apart from the rest.

Resources and tools to help you achieve your goals

We are passionate about developmental cultures, and committed to providing you with tools and resources to help you or your team achieve more in 2024.

on where you are and where you want to go.

Personal Canvas | Reflect: to help you review your actions and their outcomes. Gaining learning to inform and reshape your future decisions and mindset.


Team Canvas | Reflect: to help teams to assess the past year’s endeavours. Collectively reflect to support innovation and alignment in your business.
to empower your growth and future success.

Personal Canvas | Plan: to assist you in setting clear, actionable goals. This tool is designed to strategise your personal development, enabling focused progress towards your aspirations.


Team Canvas | Plan:to facilitate strategic goal-setting and planning within teams. It enables mapping of objectives, ensuring unified efforts towards common goals.


more in 2024, and set a course of actionable steps.

Personal Canvas | Achieve: to empower you to take decisive action towards your goals. It serves as a guide to implement your plans, track progress and celebrate milestones.


Team Canvas | Achieve: to support teams in executing their strategies with precision. It promotes accountability and synergy, turning collective ambitions into tangible successes.


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Meet Samantha Davis, the Head of our Cprime Elabor8 Academy, and learn how her martial arts-inspired approach is revolutionising professional development and learning strategies.
Join us as we explore what we’ve been working on, uncover trends in contemporary education, and reveal how we can be a catalyst for your career growth.


Answers to frequently asked questions relating to E8 Academy In-Person and Online Courses. If you have any additional questions about our courses, contact us.

For certified courses, how and when is certification processed?

If it’s a certified course you’re looking for, we’ll help you prepare to gain your certification if there is an exam applicable. If you are eligible for certification, we will submit your details to our certification partner within 4 business days from the last day of your course.  Once processed, you will receive an email from the certification partner detailing the next steps to gain your certification.

For certified courses, is the cost of certification or the relevant exam included in the course fee?

Yes, for our certified courses the cost of certification or the relevant exam is included in the course fee. Our certification partners may have time frames from the time you receive an email from them that you need to access your certification or attempt the relevant exam within. 

What exactly is ‘Online’?

Our Online courses have been designed to create a great online learning environment. Delivered by a live online trainer with real-life experience, you’ll take part in engaging discussions and activities to drive home learning outcomes. We deliver our online courses over Zoom. For corporate private group courses, we can also deliver online over other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Do I need to have my camera on when attending online courses?

Yes, we ask that you have your camera on for the duration of the online course. This is to help your facilitator assess your engagement and participation. This is also important for many of our certification partners, who require proof of attendance and participation in order for you to be eligible for certification.

What methods of payment are available for public course registration?

Our website checkout for public course registrations has options for credit card payment on the spot or for an invoice to be generated and sent to you for EFT payment. Please note that invoices have 7-day payment terms and public course registrations are required to be paid before the course commencement unless otherwise agreed on with us.

Can course registrations be made out to my organisation?

Yes, our website checkout allows you to choose the registration and/ or invoice to be made out to your company if you require this. You can also decide to have this made out to another person as the order contact if that’s more suitable for you.

Read our Academy Terms and Conditions here.

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