Management 3.0 Licensed

We’re proud to announce Elabor8’s partnership with Happy Melly to provide Management 3.0 training and coaching in Australia.

“Our goal at Elabor8 is to be the future of product and management consulting. We are focused on growing our capabilities to create organisations that can compete in the modern disruptive world of business,” says Paul Velonis, Elabor8’s Managing Director.

We believe Management 3.0 represents a new approach to management, more appropriate for the knowledge-work industry and the century of complexity. For us, it involves working with organisations to redefine the meaning of leadership with management as a group responsibility, in order to help managers improve the organisational system and foster better results.”

“Australia is an exciting country for Management 3.0 to be expanding in. It’s an open and professional business culture that welcomes both technology and a strong HR background that lets innovation come from any team member,” says Jennifer Riggins, Marketing Manager at Happy Melly. 

“We’re happy to be working with Elabor8 to spread the message of Management 3.0 in order to bring creative change management and people-driven process management throughout Australia. Management 3.0 is a series of workshops and exercises that allow for a more hands-on approach to managing, but with fewer managers. We believe every teammate should have the ability to feel valued within an organisation and to express how they value others. Originating in the agile development world, Management 3.0 has grown to include everyone in its small solutions for big management problems like innovation, motivation and employee engagement.”

We are thrilled to have two world-renowned Management 3.0 specialists at Elabor8 – Manoel Pimentel and Márcio Sete.

We’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Manoel to our team, as an Agile Coach and Trainer. Manoel joins us from AdaptWorks in Brazil where, in his role as Agile Coach, he helped large and complex organisations to get interoperability between Agile (Scrum, XP, FDD, SAFe, Kanban) and their governance models.

He has over 18 years’ experience working in the IT field, and was a pioneer of the Agile methods in Brazil. Manoel is an active Management 3.0 facilitator, and one of the first Learning 3.0 facilitators in the world. He also holds the following certifications: SPC, SPC4, CSM, CSPO and CSP.

While a recent Chairman of Agile Alliance Brazil, Manoel is a published author and famed speaker at international events like Agile Trends, Àgiles, Agile Brazil, Scrum Gathering, Agile Conference, The Developers Conference, Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Maré the Agilidade, FISL, Tá Safo Conf and InfoQ Brazil Launch.

Manoel is passionate about working as a catalyser for news ideas. He enjoys using his skills as a trainer, a facilitator, and a coach to help people get actionable insights and transform their jobs and their organisations.