New Kanban Services

We’re proud to bring Lean Kanban University (LKU) to Australia and to have the first accredited Kanban Trainers in the country – Andrew Blain and Marcio Sete.

Through our Academy, they will deliver training for all levels of Kanban adoption from introductory concepts to advanced Kanban systems.

“The Kanban Method is an approach to process visualisation and optimisation that borrows heavily from lean product development and systems thinking principles. It can be used to increase an individual’s productivity, to help a team that is struggling with workload, to optimise a delivery value stream, or even at a portfolio or enterprise level,” says Andrew Blain, one of Elabor8’s Directors. 

“Kanban optimises systems based on empirical evidence and provides you with the management information that you need to both understand and improve the way you’re doing things. It can wrap around agile or traditional delivery models and helps teams and managers to make better decisions. A Kanban system can lead your organisation towards agility through incremental / evolutionary improvements and will create change that sticks.”

“At Elabor8 today, we’re working to build a comprehensive training Academy to help people and teams expand their mindsets and practices. The Kanban Method plays a fundamental role in this picture, as we believe it represents the next phase in agile maturity, towards high performance,” says Marcio Sete, Principal Consultant at Elabor8. 

“Kanban is helping managers to make better decisions and streamline internal workflows to improve service delivery and create greater customer satisfaction. Organisations are visualising their workflows & business risks using Kanban Boards together with Kanban Systems to limit work-in-progress. The outcome is faster, more predictable delivery and an adaptive capability that enables businesses to respond effectively to their customer demands and changes in their business environment.”

Lean Kanban University (LKU) has developed a curriculum of certified Kanban training classes that are delivered by a worldwide network of LKU Accredited Kanban Trainers.

We feel privileged to partner with LKU to provide expertise in the Kanban Method, and run Australia’s first certified Kanban training courses.

“The Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainers at Elabor8 are not just consultants – they are thought leaders. They have an advanced understanding of Lean, metrics, and other concepts key to the Kanban Method,” says Janice Linden-Reed, CEO at Lean Kanban Inc. 

“The Lean and Agile community in Australia has been interested in Kanban for a while and Elabor8 is going to take them to another level, offering the Kanban Management Professional credential. I expect to see some major Australian Kanban initiatives and a stronger Kanban community develop with their guidance.”

A highly interactive workshop which covers how Lean Kanban helps teams, leaders and managers deliver more effectively.

Learn how to roll out Lean Kanban in your organisation through understanding Kanban method’s approach to change.