Preparing our community for a new future | An open letter

An Open Letter

To our customers and our community,

Over the last forty-five years Australians have been fortunate enough to live through one of the most economically prosperous and politically stable times in human history. Covid-19 presents an existential threat to that stability.

We are already seeing significant impacts. Our peers in the medical industry are on high alert, stepping up to the front-line in the war against the virus, often at great personal risk. The people that staff our intensive care facilities and those who support them are the heroes of our communities.

Our customers, colleagues and friends in the travel, tourism, event and hospitality industries and those with complex supply chains have already suffered unprecedented losses. We are seeing people with decorated careers being stood down or losing employment.

Friends and family in older generations and in other susceptible demographics have bigger concerns: they are rightfully worried about their future.

This crisis is affecting us all.

Elabor8 has been tirelessly working to help prepare our customers for a new future. We anticipate that in the absence of a widely available vaccine Covid-19 will force us into new ways of thinking for at minimum the next eighteen months as we will need to maintain social distance.

As an organisation that prides itself on helping organisations to adapt and move, over the last two months we have developed a range of services to assist our customers and our community as they tackle this major disruption.

Our core beliefs haven’t changed.


We are still continuously exploring better ways to enable organisations to challenge the impossible on a large scale.

And our purpose hasn’t changed.

To design systems that enable organisations to achieve and sustain high performance

Our embedded practitioners have been rapidly sharing and evolving approaches to effective remote working through their experiences working across all of our customer sites. If you need an experienced hand to guide you we are ready to help.

To shape new management thinking

Our remote operating model design framework assists organisations with their immediate response to Covid-19, with innovating around changes in the supply chain and the customer relationship as things stabilise, and with using this crisis to embed highly effective ways of working into the future.

Our remote governance framework enables distributed decision making through rich data and insights and digital transparency. Remote working requires high trust leadership; remote governance enables you to distribute authority without losing control.

To foster developmental cultures

Our online training academy offering enables us to provide world class, accredited learning to organisations using digital distribution.

We will continue to run digital meetups and online seminars to keep our people and our communities engaged and learning.

To role model greatness

We have been working in a distributed fashion and have been looking to ensure that our staff makes the most of our time away from the office, exploring ways that Elabor8ers can lead in our local communities and neighbourhoods.

We anticipate there being some hard times ahead but we have been open and honest with our team and will do our best to tackle those challenges as a collective.

This is a challenging time when a lot of leaders will sensibly look to consolidate. It is our belief that the organisations that also look for opportunities in this pandemic and make bold investments in products and services that empathise with a more distributed customer base will flourish.

This is a time for people in leadership to be courageous, decisive and community focussed. Let’s work together and use this opportunity to create a more connected community, regardless of the increased distance between us.

Andrew, Nam and Paul