Delivery coaching and strategic portfolio consulting for REA Group

REA Group is one of Elabor8’s longest customers dating back to 2010. We initially got involved during a period of disruption in the online real estate market when realestate.com.au decided to renovate their website and adopt Agile methods to accelerate product delivery. Elabor8 became an integral partner in the journey, providing both delivery coaching and consulting around strategic portfolio planning.
With the delivery pipeline running at full steam the next phase was to bring the enterprise systems and the teams that supported them into the Agile transformation. Elabor8 was called upon to provide agile coaching and embed its experienced practitioners to help get the Business Improvement Program off the ground and lead the effort.

As REA Group looked to diversify revenue streams and explore new product opportunities, our team was engaged once again to help bring a test-and-learn approach to explore future horizon initiatives. We created a bespoke version of Elabor8’s Product Conceptualisation process that allowed a cross-functional team to better understand their customer needs, and also ideate and test numerous opportunities.
The most promising ideas were put through a market trial using “concierge” techniques from lean startup to prove product viability before moving into productionisation through the delivery pipeline.